About Us

we specialise in high quality Personal Protection Equipment

Established in 1990, Continental Manufacturing Company was set up with the aim to manufacture a range of critical sheet metal and plastic injection moulding sub-assemblies for Automotive OEM’s.

Thus company gave birth to its baby under brand name 'HEAPRO' to make each life fear free from accidents at workplace especially while working at heights. With requisite experience in sheet metal & plastics HEAPRO PPE's were introduced to make each individual so confident that working at height becomes ones passion.

After successfully working in the manufacturing and industrial segment it was observed that awareness of safety standards and their usage were not satisfactory and high quality PPE's were also not easily available.

HEAPRO is a name of prominence, reliability and trust, in the market of Personal Protective Equipments. For over a decade now HEAPRO is a leading brand, manufacturing specialized equipments for every personnel working at heights. With advanced architecture and buildings getting taller and taller, all HEAPRO equipments go through rigorous testing procedures while manufacturing so as to achieve Zero Defect.

At HEAPRO we strive to provide you the best and will continue to do so.