HEAPRO Tower kits
won’t let you down

Keep rising high, HEAPRO Tower kit is there to protect you

We know how challenging your job is, and our aim is to make is a little easier for you. HEAPRO’s tower kit is here to take care of your safety with multipurpose harness, fall arrester, tool bag, anchorage rope, work positioning, forked lanyard and HEAPRO’s premium kit bag.

Multipurpose Harness

HI - 112 (01 Nos)

Fall Arrester

HIFA01(01 Nos)

Tool Bag

HTB 01 (01 Nos)

Work Positioning

Lanyard HI-484 (01 Nos)

Anchorage Rope HI 1900

(14mm)(50 mtr.)

Forked Lanyard

HI-702 PA-SE-D

HEAPROMan's Kit Bag

HKB 01

Other Safety Kits