Safety begins with
HEAPRO Rescue kits

A friend in need – HEAPRO Rescue Kit

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, hence it is best to be prepared beforehand. HEAPRO rescue kit comes with all the equipment's you might need to save a fellow worker, or a friend, if a mishap is to occur. HEAPRO rescue kit contains multipurpose harness, fall arrester, webbing sling, work positioning, cows tail, karabiner, anchorage rope, descender, forked lanyard, kernmantle rope and HEAPRO’s premium kit bag.

Multipurpose Harness

HI - 112 (01 Nos)

Work Positioning Lanyard

HI-484 (01 Nos)

Cows Tail

HI-802 (01 Nos)

Fall Arrester

HFA01 (01 Nos)


HI-224 (03 Nos)

Anchorage Rope HI 1900

(14mm) (50 mtr.)


DS 01 (01 Nos)

Forked Lanyard

HI-682 KE (01 Nos)

Kernmantle Rope

HI-1900K (50 mtr.)

Webbing Sling

HI-1606 (02 Nos)

HEAPROMan’s Kit Bag

HKB 01

Other Safety Kits